Friday, May 6, 2016



Isn't that name so catchy? Amazing Grass. Makes you wonder what it is. Are you intrigued?! I was and lucky for me, I was selected to give this product a taste test. It arrived in a pretty fancy box. The fancier the box, the greater the goods, right? But first, let me take a selfie. haha

So, what is Amazing Grass? It's a product that is honestly grown and simply enjoyed. Amazing Grass greens are USDA organic, Non GMO, kosher, vegan and gluten free. Containing a plethora of vitamins, minerals, plant based protein and phyto-chemicals, leafy greens assist the body in maintaining healthy organ function, detoxification and immunity. You can mix the greens into juices, smoothies, or anything you're in the mood for.

Sounds pretty good so far, am I right?

Check out what they have to offer here: I had the privilege of trying out their Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Superfood. Honestly, to me, you can't go wrong with a chocolate peanut butter flavor and when I first tried it, I kept it simple with just a scoop from the jar and water. Not bad, I thought. So, the next time, I decided to change it up and made it with 1 scoop and almond milk. It was even better! The next time, I decided to get fancy and add a banana. Oh my gosh, my taste buds were dancing with joy! I found my recipe -- almond milk, 1 scoop of protein superfood, 1 banana, and ice all blended perfectly in my blender. I took this magical drink to the backyard to enjoy every last drop. I even went all out and drank it from the awesome mason jar cup they gave me with a fancy-schmancy Amazing Grass sleeve.

So, this stuff is good, like really good. I'd totally buy it! So, where can you buy it? Good question. Well, you can definitely purchase it from their online store or you can check out their store locator (all you need is a zip code). I was pretty stoked to find out that GNC, Vitamin World and Target sold their products. I just happen to have these 3 stores within minutes from my house. That's great news!

Now, their products aren't just for smoothies or drinks. You can bake with them, too. Say what?! They even offer you a few recipes on their website.  I went straight for the cookies and brownies. I may have a slight sweet tooth -- but hey, it's healthy so there's that!

As if their product wasn't already badass, they've given me a discount code to share and it's not a measley 10% -- it's BIGGER than that! 30% OFF! I love savings and I love sharing them. So without further ado, go to their website and browse around their products and then when you're ready to check out, plug this code in: SWEATPINKAlissa16 (a little tip, you must register to use the code at checkout (meaning you can't checkout as a guest)) Discount code expires on 05/31/16.

What are you waiting for? Go check them out and if you buy it and try it, I hope you love it just as much as I do!

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Thursday, March 31, 2016



Fitness is a big thing right now. It's like the IT thing. You can do workouts in gyms, at home, in hotels, anywhere really. You can access free workouts online -- one in particular is BeFit. Heard of them? Check out their BeFit 30 Day Burn Calendar and watch their introductory video:

Their workout series are short, but intense (and challenging)! If you're limited on time, this is a great way to quickly work up a sweat. They are roughly about 10 minutes long. What's intimidating about 10 minutes?! EXACTLY! Give yourself no excuses and just give it a go! I enjoyed them and I'm sure you will, too!

Speaking of BeFit, they have their own BeFit Nutrition Supplements. Pretty cool since so many of us are on a fitness journey. I was chosen to try 3 of their products out for a month. When my wonderful box arrived, I opened it to find these three products...

  • BeFit Pre (pre-workout Energy and Endurance Booster (flavor: fruit punch))
  • BeFit Whey Protein (Whey Isolate and Casein Combination (flavor: vanilla))
  • BeFit Burn (fat burner without the jitters)
Needless to say, I was pretty excited for a 30 day supply from BeFit!

Now that BeFit nutrition is here, let me explain what each is.

BeFit Pre: This is a fruit punch flavored pre-workout energy drink. My favorite of the three. There are three key elements required for a good workout: energy, endurance and focus, and that's what you get with this supplement. It's delicious and when you workout super early, a tasty pre-workout drink is a HUGE help!

BeFit Whey Protein: This product helps to support muscle recovery by combining two types of protein, whey and casein. It comes in two flavors: chocolate and vanilla which are also GMO, sugar and gluten free. Mix this with almond milk, a banana, peanut butter and ice cubes and you've got yourself a delicious shake! That's how I enjoyed mine!

BeFit Burn: This product helps your body create thermogenesis (heat), which helps metabolize, or burn fat. It helps to manage cravings and curbs your appetite. You don't get jitters with this one, but to be honest, I've never taken a fat burner before, so to be able to compare it with another product -- well, I can't. It says you don't get jitters because it doesn't over-stimulate your nervous system. I can confirm that I never did get jitters while using it. I'm not sure this product was a good fit for me.

If you'd like to purchase any of their products or if you simply want to check out what they are all about, head on over to 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Instagram is my jam


Do you have an instagram account? I do and it's BY FAR my favorite form of social media. I don't really know what it is that I like. Sharing your lives with photo boxes. I'm drawn to a particular type of crowd. Maybe that's my thing -- fitness. I find instagram to be my place for fitness inspiration. I follow a few others like, awesome moms, friends, fashion, but mostly I follow fitness. (if you're into fitness, feel free to follow me:

Lately, I've realized that instagram is my jam. I'm like a lean, mean, instagram contest winning machine. haha. No really... I don't know why I'm lucky with contests, but it's kind of cool. I participate in quite a few, but let's be honest, I lose A LOT. It's cool, I don't mind. I'm very happy for the people who do win because there are some amazing prizes floating around the instagram world waiting to be won.

In December, there was a contest because this particular person reached 10 THOUSAND followers! What does that even look like?! 10k -- that's what it looks like. haha Anyway, the contest had rules (like most do) and I took a chance. To my surprise, I won and it was a pretty cool prize. A fitness gear prize. Clothes. I won fitness clothes! (I was beyond stoked)

So, after I found out, I was anxiously stalking the mailman, but nothing. Nothing arrived. Wah... were the holidays really that delayed? Even after the holidays nothing arrived. I tried to come up with a gazillion reasons. I contacted the person who was holding the contest. She had no idea what was going on either. I couldn't be upset with her, she was extremely helpful. After two months of nothing, I started to give up hope. I started to assume that maybe the prize was just too big for the company and they didn't want to give away free merchandise and they changed their mind. This thought seemed to put my mind at ease, UNTIL I got a package in the mail the other day. I thought the package that arrived was going to be my new leggings that I ordered from The Online Legging Store (go check them out -- awesome prices!) but it was my December winnings.

I'm pretty sure I did a happy dance right then and there. Not everything that was orginally shown in the post was in the bag, but that's okay, the majority of it was there.

Now I'm happy and parading around in my new clothes. It's the little things and instagram is totally my jam!

Hemp Heart Bar? Yay or Nay?


Manitoba Harvest... the first time I had heard about their name was when I tried their Hemp Hearts and honestly, I fell in love. It was so delicious and I could use their product on so many different kinds of food. When I was selected to be a part of trying a new product of theirs, I was totally on board.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent two Hemp Heart Bars in two different flavors: Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon. Off the bat, I wasn't thrilled with having to sample anything apple. It's just not a flavor that I'm typically drawn too, so I opted to try out the chocolate first. Sadly, I was disappointed in it. (wah! Not the reaction I was hoping to have after taking my first bite.) It's a chewy bar which is nice and simple to eat. Nothing crunchy at all about it, but the taste just wasn't anything to brag about. Ugh... I felt that giving my honest opinion was, in a way, letting the company down. Needless to say, I procrastinated on sampling the other flavor.

Well, the day had arrived and I was in need of a snack and this apple cinnamon Hemp Heart bar was just staring at me (I can just imagine little beady eyes looking at me -- or perhaps I was just THAT hungry I was envisioning my food having eyes.) Anyway, Apple Cinnamon was quite delicious. I was pleasantly surprised. I'd definitely have another if I had one. And this... this is coming from someone who is not an apple flavor lover at all. I hate apple pies, apple cobbler, apple anything unless it's an actual apple, so me liking this bar was definitely something to brag about!

Now that you have my review of Hemp Heart Bars, you might want to know just exactly what they are, right?! Well, first, they come in THREE flavors: Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon & Vanilla and they are crafted with simple, minimal ingredients and of course the goodness of hemp!

Each Hemp Hear bar has 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of omegas. They are the perfect pre-workout snack, mid-afternoon snack or on the go snack. They'll be sure to help fuel your day!

If this is a bar for you, head on over to and fill your cart. When you're ready to check out use this PROMO CODE: hhbarlaunch1015 to save yourself 15%. This code will expire on March 31, 2016. Enjoy!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I heart Hemp Hearts


Hemp Hearts... such a simple added ingredient to meals or snacks. I heart Hemp Hearts. Ever had them? They taste great. Some people say Hemp Hearts taste like a sesame seed or a pine nut and I agree. They are so easy to use. Open up the bag and sprinkle away. Literally... on anything you can think of. Yogurt, eggs, spaghetti, inside banana bread (yup, I baked them into the banana bread), sprinkled on top of apples & peanut butter (that was my favorite!!!) They are nutritious, too. They pack 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of omegas per 30 gram serving. They are lower in carbs than flax seeds and chia seeds and they are raw, vegan-friendly and non-GMO!

I even had my toddler eating these with her meals. She absolutely loves eggs, so I would sprinkle them on top of her scrambled eggs every morning. She devoured her food before I even sat down to eat mine and then of course, she was eating off of my plate next. Happy, happy toddler!

There are so many ways that you can enjoy hemp hearts and recipes all over the internet (Pinterest, for one). Here's a link to a search that I did on Pinterest: Hemp Hearts Recipes (<< click there)

Hemp seeds are only grown in Canada and manufactured in their own hemp-dedicated facililty in Manitoba where nothing else gets produced but hemp food.

And no, these are not drugs, nor will they get you high (for you uneducated people reading this) These are good for you, I promise! You can find them at your local grocery store (I buy mine from Shop Rite)

Go try them and get fueled by hemp!

Want to stay connected with the company? You can find them on many social media channels...

If you head to you can save 20% off their entire web store with promo code: HHSP1015 (promo code expires on December 31, 2015.)

Comment on this blog post for a chance to win a bag! One LUCKY reader will receive a 2oz bag of Hemp Hearts. All you have to do is comment on this post. The contest will end on Friday, November 13, 2015. Good luck and I'll announce the winner either Friday or Saturday, so stay tuned!

Avocado, cheese & Hemp Hearts on toasted bread. Delicious!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

6 Ways I Stay Balanced


6 ways I stay balanced

If you forgot to join me last week for the #BOSUStrong challenge or just weren’t up for the cardio, make sure you join me this week as it’s all about the balance! We’re standing on one leg, lunging, and BOSU squatting our way through the week.

But balance means more than just being able to stand on one leg, it also means being able to do what you love while making healthy choices at the same time. It means putting in the work and still finding time for playing with my toddler. Or eating the oreos but balancing it out with organic milk. (<-- bahaha because that's a total balance, right?) Or a stroller run with my tot and squats, pushups & handstands (because they're fun to do) at home when you can’t make it to the gym.

Here are the 6 ways I stay balanced - what are yours?

I make time for myself by setting my alarm before the rest of the family wakes up.
My favorite me time is when everyone is sleeping.
My rule when it comes to a balanced diet is MODERATION. Eat that cookie, just not the whole bag.
I make fitness a priority by not giving in to excuses.
When I get stressed or overwhelmed, my go to is to get outside and get some fresh air.
I do outdoor acitivities with my kids (walks/bikerides/runs) to help my family stay balanced.

Here are my fave 6 moves to help improve your balance:

  1.  handstands
  2.  hallow back (against a wall)
  3.  drop it like a squat
  4.  tree pose
  5.  standing still on two feet (haha i kid i kid)
  6. balancing on one foot while holding the other to the side

HempHearts and ME!


I feel like it's such a special moment when I open my email and it's not spam, but an email saying that I've been selected to do a product review!

Hi Alissa!

CONGRATS! You’re in for the Manitoba Harvest #HempHearts Review & Giveaway. 

Seriously, it's a highlight of my day. 

I've tried Hemp Hearts before and I absolutely loved the product, but now I see that there is a green bag (you can see a sliver of it on the photo posted above). The orangish/gold bag is what I've tried already and I la-la-loved! 

But you know, if I get the same bag again, maybe I'll try cooking with it this time. I didn't get the chance to do that last time. Hmmm... I see lots of scrolling through Pinterest for recipes in my near future!

AND... this review also has a giveaway so one of you might win a bag! How exciting!

But you may be wondering what the heck Hemp Hearts are, right? Check out this cool image that I snagged from the Manitoba Harvest website... it explains it.

Once my HempHearts bag arrives in the mail, I'll try the product (a handful of times) and then give my review. Stay tuned!