Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mixed Martial Arts • Sounds intimidating, doesn't it?


About a week or so ago, I was asked to review a fitness class... an MMA fitness class. What's MMA, you ask? It's Mixed Martial Arts. At first, I felt intimated by the letters MMA. I haven't done a class like this before, but I pushed my fears aside and bit the bullet and agreed to test it out. Getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing from time to time.

So, last Tuesday I went out to Level 10 MMA in Flemington, NJ, still unsure of what I was about to get myself into. Upon arrival, my GPS directed me to Walmart... gah... yes, the GPS got me lost. Thanks trusty GPS for getting me to my destination in a timely manner! haha. A quick phone call to Level 10 and they told me that I was right around the corner. Whew!

Once inside the doors, I was greeted by one of the owners, Lisa who was nicer than nice. Such a sweet woman who was very informative and gave me the whole story of how Level 10 MMA came about. The place is small and minimal with a "caged in" workout area and five standing punching bags. There is a set of lockers and benches to the right where you are able to store your belongings. You are required to remove your shoes (socks, too) prior to stepping on the mats. (Ladies, make sure your tootsies are looking pretty & painted... had I known I totally would have painted mine a pretty color, but I was there to workout not get compliments on my pretty manicured toes. I'm such a girly girl, I know!)

Anyway, the gentleman running the class was Master Michael. He has been in the martial arts business for over 20 years. He has a very likable personality and was very easy to talk to. (I'm telling you, these two who run this place are far from intimidating... so far so good!!!) We started the class with a few warm ups... jumping jacks, laps, ab work, etc. Then the fun began when they gave me boxing gloves! Oh boy!! We got to punch and kick the punching bags -- of course, I needed a little assistance as it was my first time and Master Michael demonstrated how I was to punch and kick effectively. I didn't feel embarrassed at all. He truly is there to help and teach you. There was no judgement at all. Never once did I feel like I was out of place.

Now, let me remind you, I'm a pretty fit girl. I exercise 6 out of 7 days with a mixture of cardio and weights. This class that I took was pretty intense, even for me. (FYI, this fitness class is for any fitness level.) I loved that it was different from my normal workout and it made me SWEAT! The punching, the crunches, the kicks, the rope things (I cannot think of what those are called.. sorry) where you stand on a bosu, holding ropes and move your arms up and down... yeah, those things are awesome! We teamed up with a buddy and did workouts together (punches, crunches (where you interlock your ankles and exchange a medicine ball back and forth), etc) The exercises were challenging and fun.

Level 10 MMA is all about empowerment. At the end of class, they teach you a self defense move. We were taught how to break free from a choke hold and got to practice it with our partner a few times. Learning something like this was a nice 'bonus' to the class. I truly enjoyed learning a new technique.

There are a couple requirements...
  • They ask that you wear their shirt (kind of like a uniform where everyone matches and the shirts are kind of cool (I wish I would have gotten one!)
  • They also ask that you purchase their boxing gloves. It's a safety thing.
All in all, a great place to get your fitness on! I was definitely feeling sore in my arms, shoulders and abs the next day. I LOVE that feeling!

For more information and their class schedule, please check out their website:
You can also find them on Facebook at

Level 10 is a place for the entire family, as they offer classes for children, teens & adults.

Don't be intimated by something new. You may enjoy it -- I know I did!!

Thank you to Lisa & Michael for allowing me to come to your class! 


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