Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Instagram is my jam


Do you have an instagram account? I do and it's BY FAR my favorite form of social media. I don't really know what it is that I like. Sharing your lives with photo boxes. I'm drawn to a particular type of crowd. Maybe that's my thing -- fitness. I find instagram to be my place for fitness inspiration. I follow a few others like, awesome moms, friends, fashion, but mostly I follow fitness. (if you're into fitness, feel free to follow me:

Lately, I've realized that instagram is my jam. I'm like a lean, mean, instagram contest winning machine. haha. No really... I don't know why I'm lucky with contests, but it's kind of cool. I participate in quite a few, but let's be honest, I lose A LOT. It's cool, I don't mind. I'm very happy for the people who do win because there are some amazing prizes floating around the instagram world waiting to be won.

In December, there was a contest because this particular person reached 10 THOUSAND followers! What does that even look like?! 10k -- that's what it looks like. haha Anyway, the contest had rules (like most do) and I took a chance. To my surprise, I won and it was a pretty cool prize. A fitness gear prize. Clothes. I won fitness clothes! (I was beyond stoked)

So, after I found out, I was anxiously stalking the mailman, but nothing. Nothing arrived. Wah... were the holidays really that delayed? Even after the holidays nothing arrived. I tried to come up with a gazillion reasons. I contacted the person who was holding the contest. She had no idea what was going on either. I couldn't be upset with her, she was extremely helpful. After two months of nothing, I started to give up hope. I started to assume that maybe the prize was just too big for the company and they didn't want to give away free merchandise and they changed their mind. This thought seemed to put my mind at ease, UNTIL I got a package in the mail the other day. I thought the package that arrived was going to be my new leggings that I ordered from The Online Legging Store (go check them out -- awesome prices!) but it was my December winnings.

I'm pretty sure I did a happy dance right then and there. Not everything that was orginally shown in the post was in the bag, but that's okay, the majority of it was there.

Now I'm happy and parading around in my new clothes. It's the little things and instagram is totally my jam!

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