Tuesday, September 22, 2015

HempHearts and ME!


I feel like it's such a special moment when I open my email and it's not spam, but an email saying that I've been selected to do a product review!

Hi Alissa!

CONGRATS! You’re in for the Manitoba Harvest #HempHearts Review & Giveaway. 

Seriously, it's a highlight of my day. 

I've tried Hemp Hearts before and I absolutely loved the product, but now I see that there is a green bag (you can see a sliver of it on the photo posted above). The orangish/gold bag is what I've tried already and I la-la-loved! 

But you know, if I get the same bag again, maybe I'll try cooking with it this time. I didn't get the chance to do that last time. Hmmm... I see lots of scrolling through Pinterest for recipes in my near future!

AND... this review also has a giveaway so one of you might win a bag! How exciting!

But you may be wondering what the heck Hemp Hearts are, right? Check out this cool image that I snagged from the Manitoba Harvest website... it explains it.

Once my HempHearts bag arrives in the mail, I'll try the product (a handful of times) and then give my review. Stay tuned!

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  1. I am in too! Can't wait to bounce recipe ideas around! I love Manitoba also so I am gonna try to find fun kid friendly recipes and 1 sophisticated one!