Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hemp Hearts Review & GIVEAWAY


A couple of weeks ago, a packet of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts arrived in the mail. I was selected as part of a SweatPink campaign to review this product. Woohoo!

Now, first off, let me just say that Hemp Hearts is not a drug. It's not marijuana. C'mon now, you know you hear the word 'hemp' and your mind darts right to that. So, what is Hemp Hearts then? Good question!

Hemp Hearts are a very versatile product. If you go on to Pinterest, you'll find a ton of recipes with Hemp Hearts. (I'll be a dear and just copy & paste that link right here for you: Hemp Hearts Recipes on Pinterest. You're welcome.) What might they taste like? Well, they're kind of nutty. They look like little nuts and some people say they taste like a sesame seed or a pine nut and I kind of agree. You simply open the bag and sprinkle these bad boys on your food. What's even cooler is that they are lower in carbs than flax seeds and chia seeds. I was a big chia seed sprinkler prior to this product coming into my life. I think I just may make the switch to Hemp Hearts now.

Just recently I noticed that my local grocery store sells them (you have no idea how stoked I was when I found it (it was in the cereal isle, FYI)) If you're not sure where you can find them, you can do a search here.

Or you can simply visit their website: www.manitobaharvest.com. I've got a lovely promo code to share where you can save 20% off your entire purchase. That code is HHSweatPink215. This promo code expires on March 31, 2015.

I tried Hemp Hearts out on a number of foods. For breakfast, I ate them on scrambled eggs, OOIAJ (Overnight Oats In A Jar), I sprinkled them on my all time favorite snack of apples, melted peanut butter and chocolate chips. I mixed them in with my dinner. Sometimes, I couldn't even tell they were there. I love that I was getting extra protein in without even realizing it! You can even eat them right out of the bag. The possibilities are endless! 
My 13 month old daughter was even eating them (when I would share my breakfast or dinner with her) They're tasty & healthy for people of all ages! 

I'm loving these things and I bet you would, too!

I should also mention that they are vegan-friendly and Non-GMO! Hemp Hearts pack a whopping 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of omegas per 30 gram serving.

Sounds pretty good, huh?

I'd like to share the #HempLove and offer a 2oz bag of Hemp Hearts to ONE LUCKY PERSON who comments on this. Here are the rules: You must live in either Canada or the United States, have a physical address (not a PO Box) and you must follow Manitoba Harvest on one of their social media channels. Facebook • TwitterPinterest • YouTube

good luck.



  1. My brother and I were just talking about them! He and his girlfriend use them too. Now, I guess I need to try them out!

  2. I've never heard of them, eager to try it :).

  3. They sound amazing! I definitely want to try them now. How are they priced in comparison to chia seeds? Thanks for all the awesome info :)

  4. Thank you for the chance to win. I would love to try these. I have put chia in my smoothies and yogurt and would love to try something different

  5. I am currently eating a sweet potato and thought hmmm, I bet they would be good on my sweet potato, with the nutty flavor. Yummy!

  6. I follow Manitoba Harvest on Twitter @glogirl3