Monday, April 1, 2013

In the beginning...


In the beginning, I was not sure of what I wanted to do. In my 30's and still uncertain. Had a wonderful family but still felt like I was missing a part of me, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what I was missing. Designing was always a passion and I stuck with it - fading here and there and then bouncing back. My fitness was the same way. I'd run.... do a race here and there, but still... what was missing?

Fast forward to the move back to the Sunshine State with the rest of my crew! Ahhh! Sunshine and green grass everywhere! Whoops, sorry, got caught in a day dream for a moment (the sunshine and all does kind of make you want to close your eyes, inhale deeply and then slowly exhale) Now, back to my post... I saw a friend of mine post random posts on facebook regarding fitness. It peaked my interest enough for me to finally ask what all of it was about. Fast forward again, and I attend my first Fit Club (which was free! (another thing that caught my attention!)) and pretty much fell in love. Fitness! I love it! I have always loved it! It was one thing that was always a part of me, always with me, in a sense, I felt that without fitness in my life... well then, who the hell am I?! I was learning more about Fit Club and Beachbody and all it had to offer. Sure, it took me about 5ish months of going to Fit Club to finally take another step in the right direction. I signed up to become a coach! (it's as if the gates of heaven opened up and the angels starting singing)

My journey is just beginning! I'm learning how to take better care of myself, not only by exercising on a daily basis, but also feeding my body the right foods. I'm drinking a lots of H2O, too! (well, more than I used to, anyway (since water has always been my beverage of choice)).

So, let's raise our water jugs (because that's all I have to raise that's nearby) and wish me luck on this new venture!


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