Tuesday, August 25, 2015

BuluBox Review


I got this pretty, orange box in the mail with some pretty cool typography on it (that's the graphic designer coming out in me - so I give you a thumbs up to your box designer!) I was so eager to open it up, but of course, I had to take a picture of it in my fancy, schmancy mailbox.

Prior to receiving it, I thought the box would be bigger. I didn't expect it to fit in the little slot opening of my mailbox, but ehh, no biggie. Size doesn't matter, right?!

So, what's inside the box???  Calm down, first let me tell you what Bulu Box is. Bulu Box is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box designed to help you feel your best. Each month, you'll get a custom box filled with a new mix of 4 to 5 premium samples from top brands to try. Every sample is sufficient enough to decide if the product is right for you.

Okay, NOW, I'll share with you what 5 samples my box contained.

• Quest PB Protein Powder  • Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula • Movit Energy Gummies • Mediterra Bars • Earth's Care Anti-Itch Cream

First off, pretty stoked about the Quest packets and I'm a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE PB lover and this was the one flavor that I was dying to get my hands on. The other four items -- never heard of. So, onto the reviews, shall we!

Quest Protein Powder:
Quest makes amazing products so I wasn't surprised that this one was pretty good. Strong peanut butter flavor, but if you're as big of a peanut butter lover as I am, then you'll love this. I made a shake out of the first packet. I kept it simple with almond milk and ice. Delicious. I even shared it with my 1 year old daughter and she loved it, too!

(This amazingly delicious protein powder is more than your traditional shake. Quest Powders work as a hunger-stopping shake or as a high-protein baking alternative to traditional flour. Cheat clean with Quest Protein! $54.99/30 servings)

Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula:

Open packet and pour into an 8oz cup of water. Pretty simple. The flavor was citrus, not my favorite, but I decided to not judge a product by it's flavor. To my surprise, it wasn't a strong citrus flavor, so that was good. It was a little gritty. It didn't mix too well. I had to stir it halfway through drinking it and even when I got to the end of the cup, there was a lot of stuff left in the cup to finish. I've tried other products before (from other companies) and this same thing happened, so maybe this is normal? I don't know. This is not a product that I would need in my life and would probably not purchase it, however, if you need a daily dose of fiber, you may want to give this product a try. 

(Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula helps improve digestion to rid your body of excess waste and keeps your system running smoothly. Plus, this fiber formula is sugar free and sweetened with stevia! $14.64/12oz bottle)

Movit Energy Gummies:

Gummie Bears! Well, not really, but they look and taste just like that! I've been known to steal a bag or 5 from my kids stash and devour them. It's a weakness - don't judge.  These Movit Gummies were citrus, but really didn't taste citrus-y to me, but they were tasty. Now, here comes the skeptical part. I don't know that I believe these things work. Personally, I think it is a mind game. You take these gummies 20 minutes before you start your workout, so that gives you 20 minutes to psych yourself up for giving it your all (or 20 minutes to stall prior to pushing play) I didn't feel any different. That's just my 2 cents.

(Movit Energy Gummies use power-boosting ingredients like guarana, CoQ10, and folic acid to combat fatigue and help you perform your best! Movit Energy Gummies contain just 60 calories per serving. $15.00/12 packets)

Mediterra Bars:
At first glance, I notice that the flavor of this is Sundried Tomato & Basil. Sure, it's sounds good for a bag of chips or, I don't know, something else, but I was a little iffy on it being the flavor of a granola bar, however, I gave it a go and took my first bite. It was certainly a different kind of taste. The smell is certainly tomato & basil and it takes some getting used to. On the last bite, I thought it wasn't bad. It was different than what I'm typically used to eating, but I felt that I was eating healthy and I would certainly give the Mediterra Bar another shot. Plus, it's all natural, non-gmo and gluten-free. 

(Mediterra takes all-natural nutrient rich ingredients and packs them into a delicious and filling bar. Mediterra bars use real fruits and vegetables paired with fiber-rich grains and seeds to create a healthier snack option. $23.95/12 bars)

Earth's Care Anit-Itch Cream:

How convenient for this product to arrive as we are dealing with mosquito bites?! Perfect timing as we need to put an end to the itch, itch, itching going on. First things first, where is the safety seal? Most products have a seal that you must open after taking the lid off... this one did not. (I like safety seals. It gives me the satisfaction of knowing that someone else didn't use this product before me.) Anyway, I used the product first on my bug bite. It smells somewhat like Vicks Vapor Rub and when rubbed on the bite, the need to itch was gone. I also tried this on my 6 year old son and 8 year old daughter and they immediately stopped itching. Good job, Earth's Care! We like your product!!

(Relieve pain and itching associated with skin irritations such as poison ivy, sunburn, and minor cuts and scrapes. Earth's Care Anti-Itch Cream contains no artificial colors or fragrances and is petroleum free. $11.99/2.4oz tube)

Overall, I think the idea of the BuluBox is a fantastic one. Not every product is going to be a fan favorite and that's perfectly fine. What works for me may not work with everyone else and vice versa. I think it was pretty cool that 4 of the 5 samples were brands that I had never heard of. Ordering a monthly subscription to BuluBox is a great way to see what products are out there at an affordable cost.

Does this sound like something you'd like to try?

Want a discount to get you started? If you use the code SWEATPINK you'll get 50% off a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription on BuluBox.com

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  1. I haven't tried peanut butter protein powder yet, but like you, I LOVE PB, so I'd like to give it a try sometime soon. And I might go for the Quest one. :)