Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sound the alarm!


Last night, after posting in a (private) fitness group on Facebook,

"• • • Question for those who WAKE UP EARLY to workout. • • •
What is your morning like once you wake up? Do you drink water? Do you eat breakfast or a small snack? Do you drink some sort of energy drink (E&E)? or do you roll out of bed and dive right into your workout?"

I received over 70 comments! So, I did what any smart, motivated person would do... I set my alarm to sound at 4:45am!

My plan, and I swear, the idea of this plan sounded perfect. I "planned" to go to bed at 9pm. That didn't happen. I "planned" to be asleep before 10pm. That didn't happen either. I "planned" to sleep soundly. That didn't happen either.

Here's what happened...I did go to bed at 9pm and just like every night, for the past 2ish weeks, my sleep has been anything but perfect. No reason as to why... no kids woke up. No dog barking. No alarming sounds to keep me awake. Nope, just me, myself and I keeping myself awake for no apparent reason. Pretty crappy of myself to do that, but for some reason, falling asleep just isn't happening at the hour that it should. So, I tossed and turned and I'm guessing that I passed out around 11/11:30pm, Then (of course there is a then) I must have dreamed that my husbands alarm went off and I also dreamed that he shut it off, I can't quite remember, but I do remember sitting up and looking at his clock and it clearly showing 3:41. WHAT THE?! So, I go back to sleep and at 4:45, my lovely alarm sounds. Let's do this!

I roll out of bed, walk into the bathroom, get my workouts clothes & shoes on, grab my water and head down stairs. I pour myself a glass of water and mix in my pre-workout mix to give myself a boost of energy since energy in my body wasn't present. After about 10 minutes, I head to the freezing basement and push play on Body Beast followed by T25.

I did it, I woke up to my alarm and did a double workout. Hot damn.. I did it! And then exhaustion hit. I expected it to hit me, I just wasn't exactly sure when, but hey, I set my alarm and I did what I had planned to do!

So, I go upstairs and the house is SILENT. Everyone was still asleep. (I might have been a tad jealous - just saying!) I take my shower, get dressed, do my hair and head to the kitchen to drink some much deserved coffee!!


And what do you know... it's snowing outside! I enjoyed my coffee while watching the snow fall & also watching the TODAY show on tv.

As rough as this waking up has been on my body (it's 11:35 now and I feel like I've been up since forever • I guess I kind of have, right? I've been awake for almost 7 hours now) I know that habits form by consistency and what's the saying... it takes 21 days to form a habit! I raise my glass (or coffee mug, because lord knows I need more of that today) to forming a habit!

Happy Tuesday! *YAWN*


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