Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year • New Me?!


Can you believe that we are already FIVE days into 2015? It's crazy... it's crazy how fast a year can go by. It's crazy that I had my third child almost one year ago... in just 5 short days, she'll be one... ONE! Gah! For someone (that someone being me) who took a picture of her every single Friday (because she was born on a Friday) to mark a new week of her age, it's gone by so unbelievably fast. *sigh*

So, what do you have in store for the new year? Did you make any fancy schmancy resolutions? Are you one who laughs are those who make resolutions? << My husband is. He says every year, I don't make those. I didn't even ask him this year because I knew he'd make the same comment. Well, I do. I make them. I don't always share them to others. Why, you may ask? Fear that I'll fail, perhaps. Fear that I will not follow through. So, perhaps I should make them be known. It may hold me accountable. If I share my resolution (maybe some, not all) then if I fail, then I'm not only failing me, I'm failing you. So... what do I hope to accomplish in the year twenty fifteen?

1. I would love to build abs... more defined abs. I want those bumpy looking abs. Ahhh! I see other people my age & not my age who have them and I'm just in awe. So, I want that. Yes, please! I'd like to work towards that. I know it's going to take changing my eating habits. I don't eat bad now, but I'm not the greatest either. When people ask me what is good to eat... GASP... I clam up. I just don't know. I know what I like and what I don't like, but giving advice on food... What if I give the wrong advice? So... I guess I need to educate myself in this whole process.

2. I want to go on a vacation with the family! And eeeeeee!! My hubby just booked it, so I'm stoked because it didn't happen last year!

3. I want to be more present. I can't really elaborate on that... but to me, I know what I mean by it. :)

Those are just a few of the things I hope to accomplish this year.  So, anyway, let's move on. Today is Monday, the FIRST Monday of the new year and it's a fresh start and it's a new day and it's a new page, a blank one, too. Today, I started a new program. Well, not new, but I'm starting Body Beast again. It was so good that I couldn't imagine not doing that program so I've decided to pair it up with another program. Yup, you heard right, I'm doing two programs, not a hybrid, but actually doing two programs. Am I nuts? Ehh... or AM I DRIVEN? You see... Beachbody sent out an email (a couple weeks ago? I think it was a couple weeks ago) and it mentioned information on being in a Body Beast infomercial and that you had until June or July to get results in. That's two rounds of Body Beast that people can get in to get awesome results, so that's been brewing in the back of my head. Do I want to be scuplted? Not particularly, but I do love the results that I've gained thus far from the program and I'm eager to push myself just a little bit more to see where it gets me. Maybe a spot in an informercial? haha.. Dream big, right? I may submit photos, but we're talking six months from now. Anything can happen, but for now, I'm starting round 2 of Body Beast and along side it, I'm going to be doing T25! It's stoked about this combo! 

And what better way to start off then to find a sale going on at your most favorite store ever - TARGET! A fitness sale, at that! *swoon* So, yes, I went there and scored some sports bras because I haven't had new ones in a very, very, very long time. I'm excited about my purchase. I even had a coupon on top of the sale they had going and I even shared my news with social media because I know other people would probably be just as excited about a sale as I was. So, that's my Monday... pretty damn good.

Now, it's time to make dinner... Happy Monday!!!


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