Saturday, April 6, 2013

Reese's... so good, but so bad!


I have a confession to make...
I went to Target yesterday and the clearance signs always pull me in... ALWAYS! And yesterday, I was pulled into the Easter Clearance aisle. OH BOY! Candy and miscellaneous easter crap toys. Of course, I was really drawn to the Easter toys, believe it or not. I was trying to stay away from the other end of the aisle where the badness was. I did find a super cute fox stuffed animal - 70% off! w00t! Since my last name is Fox, I had to grab it! (and it's not for me, it's for my daughter, in case you were questioning me.)

Well, there is only so many toys to look at and that's when I pushed the cart further down the aisle and made a stop. Hersheys, Sweet Tarts, Peeps, gummy snacks, Reese's.... REESE'S!! <stop>

I grabbed the bag of Reese's Eggs and threw it into my cart. On a positive note, at least I only grabbed one. There were plenty more bags left. It's just one bag. Right? One bag can't hurt. Right?

Oh my gosh, today is the following day and I'm afraid to see how empty the bag is. How many freakin'  eggs did I eat?! I feel like I'm a closet Reese's egg eater! Okay, so this is my first real big cheat in a long time. Reese's... so good, but so bad!

Now I must push play. Maybe even push play twice. I'm thinking a little cardio to get me up and moving and energized so that I can feel better and alive! You know what I'm talking about, dontcha? TURBO FIRE, baby!

(I hope that when I finish my workout that I don't reward myself with a chocolate egg. That would be bad.)


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