Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm back!


My wonderful husband surprised me with a plane ticket to visit my best friend in Missouri. I flew out Wednesday morning  (my son's 7th Birthday -- we celebrated the night before though).

It's had been about a year since I had seen my best and a whole lot had happened in that year. So, this trip was definitely needed (& appreciated).

The whole trip was planned out. Friday night we went to First Friday in Kansas City. The streets were filled with art. I'd argue that not all art is art, but ehhh other people see things differently. When I saw an exhibit with camping tents knocked over onto their sides and heard a very passionate woman describing the art as a "post-industrial teepee" my jaw just dropped. But hey, stick a price tag on it for an ungodly amount and keep those fingers crossed! I guess that's the cool thing about being an artist.

Day 2, Saturday I got a tattoo. Say what? Totally not planned, but something I had been thinking about. Amanda went first and then I had to suck it up and just do it. Thank goodness I like little tattoos that take 5 minutes to do. I got 3 birds to represent my littles.

That evening, we went to Irish Fest (which was also in KC). It was cool looking at the vendor shops, art and men in kilts. It was hot as balls... not the men, but the actual heat.

I believe that evening we discovered an app called If I can find the hilarious video of it, I'll post it. Us 30 - something women had way too much fun with that!

The rest of the time we hit up a few stores, local restaurants and relaxed. We did watch If I Stay on Netflix and oh my godh, we had never cried so much during a movie.. EVER! Total tear fest, but a great movie.

A short vacation (Friday to Tuesday) but the time went by slow, which was nice! I had a wonderful time.


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